hamnebasseng langt

Division for integration

Division for integration is part of KF Immigration Centre. We are responsible for providing houses and for integrating refugees in Flora. During the last years Flora has settled and provided houses for approximately 25-40 refugees each year.

 Main responsibilities
  • Follow up and give counselling to newly established refugees. 
  • Facilitate the introduction programme.
  • Assist other municipal services with immigrant related tasks.
  • Provide housing for refugees according to agreements with the government.
 Once an asylum seeker receives a positive respond on his or her application, they are given a home municipality that is responsible for providing a home. Within three months after settling he or she has to start the introduction programme, a programme that provides language and work practice for immigrants. This programme has been mandatory since September 2004. The introduction programme can last up to two years – in some cases even three years. The participants in this programme have to learn about Norwegian society and culture, and also to speak and read the Norwegian language. During this time period they receive financial support equivalent to 2 G each year - in 2018 this is NOK 193.766,-. Most of them will, for a shorter or longer period of time, have a training period in at an assigned work place to practice using the Norwegian language. After finishing this programme, the participants are qualified to get a normal job or to start an education.
Does your enterprise want to host an immigrant for practical training?
Through the introduction programme immigrants are given an opportunity to practice using Norwegian language through working in an enterprise. The purpose is to qualify immigrants to participate in the Norwegian society and through that, improve integration. The programme is fully financed by the Norwegian government and each participant has a contact person at the centre for Integration, who is responsible for following up the participant at the work place.
Your enterprise will have an extra employee free of costs for a few months. Remember that many immigrants have education and skills useful for your enterprise. It may just as well be an educated engineer that needs practice, as a self-taught shoemaker.
For more information or questions, contact the director or programme counsellors at Division for integration.