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Division for Norwegian language and social studies

klassebilde 3[ 1]The Division for Norwegian language and Social Studies is situated at the Immigration Centre in Flora and offers immigrants more than 16 years old courses in Norwegian language, culture and society. Norwegian level 3 is the highest level offered.

Refugees living in Flora have to go trough a mandatory introduction programme where they learn Norwegian society, culture an language over å time period of two years.

Asylum seekers awaiting reply on their application from UDI, have a volunteer offer of up to 250 lessons in Norwegian language. This offers seizes to exist with a final negative respond on the application from UDI.

New beginner groups primarily start in August, October, January and March. This is dependent on how many students sign up for the classes.

Immigrants who want a permanent stay i Norway, have to fullfill 250 lessons of Norwegian language and 50 lessons Social Studies.
Primary level
This class is taught in cooperation with Flora Upper Secondary School. Admission to the class is only in August.
Evening classes
Evening classes in Norwegian language and Social Studies can be arranged. This is to accomodate the needs of those who are working during daytime.Work migrants normally have to pay a fee for the classes.
For further questions or information, contact the headmaster at the Division Siri Søreide Jansen
mail: sirisoreide.jansen@flora.kommune.no, mobile 48 01 31 52.